Rig & Sim: Diablo 3
Becca baldwin screenshot 3

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Opening Cinematic

Rig & Sim: Diablo 3

One of the awesome things about my job is that they will take the time to teach us new skills if we’re interested. I was originally hired onto the team as a cloth and hair TD, but I’ve since been trained on how to do rigging. For this cinematic, I was given a hero character as my first rig to work on – Malthael. I got to work on the Animation Rig, Deformation Rig & the Cloth Rig. Working on all of his rigs for the show gave me a lot of experience and I am really proud of the results!

On top of rigging, I was also able to establish the look for how Malthael’s cloth would move using the establishing shot shown above. I was able to sim several of his shots, but I was part of a great team that also worked on simming the cloth in his shots. As part of the sim team for this show, I simmed some shots with Malthael, Tyrael and some of the background characters.

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