Rig & Lead: Overwatch: Last Bastion
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Overwatch Animated Short | "The Last Bastion"

Rig & Lead: Overwatch: Last Bastion

Even though Bastion is rigged for the Overwatch game, Blizzard Animation re-rigs characters to work with our pipeline and add all the bells and whistles that our Animators need. Bastion is not just a normal robot, it fully transforms from biped to turret and back again. As you see in previous posts, rigging is a new thing for me since I started working at Blizzard, so this was the most challenging rig I had faced yet. I learned so much, and I'm honestly surprised I got it working so well! :) Thanks to the RigSim team for their support whenever I hit a snag.

Another first was that this was my first project that I was the RigSim Lead. Since we have so many projects going at the same time, we have different Leads to manage each one. It requires a lot of organization, meetings, and representing RigSim needs to the studio.

Skip to 3:15 on the video to see Bastion's transformation sequence.

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