Becca Baldwin

Becca is part of the Blizzard Entertainment's Cinematics team as a Rigging and Sim artist, as well as getting the opportunity to do hair grooming when schedules allow. Prior to working at Blizzard Becca focused solely on Hair Modeling & Hair/Cloth Simulations.

Overwatch: Star Wars Trailer

Overwatch: Star Wars Trailer

Rigging Mercy

This cinematic marks a great achievement for me.  Mercy was my first fully rigged character from start to finish!  I was in the middle of learning how to rig at this point, taking a Rigging class at Gnomon and getting lots of training from my RigSim team at Blizzard.  Mercy marks a great breakthrough for me!  The wings had to fold up in a particular way that works with all the wing joints and pieces, which was a challenge for my noob rigging self 🙂  But it was a great learning experience!

Hair for Mercy and Girl

I was so lucky to be able to work on 2 hair grooms for this show!  Both Mercy and the Girl’s grooms were done by me.  Both of these characters used Tube Grooming again, which is becoming a preferred grooming style for me on all Overwatch shows!  Tube Grooming really supports this super stylized hair style they want for Overwatch 🙂