About Me

250779_10150629635845304_843541_nHello everyone!

I am currently working at Blizzard Entertainment’s on the Rigging & Simulations team in Cinematics since 2010.  As part of this team I get to work on all sorts of character rigging and simulations for the cinematics.  I also have the huge privilege to be able to do Hair Grooming whenever my team is able to spare me 🙂


I initially went to college to study Computer Science with a goal of becoming a video game programmer. Programming was fun and challenging, but after 2 years I realized that I just didn’t have the passion for it like I did for 3d.  I have always been a believer that anything is possible and that you should follow your dreams, and that’s exactly what I did!  After that realization I moved on to Savannah College of Art and Design in 2001 to finish college with a Bachelors in 3d Art.

Shortly after graduating in 2004, I joined Omation to work on The Barnyard movie, working with a team to integrate hair into the film. After 2 years and being promoted to a Hair Lead, I decided that working on hair grooms and simulations was the perfect blend of tech and art to complement me.  I have been in love ever since 🙂

After The Barnyard wrapped, I joined the team at Blur Studio as the lone Hair TD for almost 4 years. I was responsible for taking their pipeline from one where hair was a dreaded part of the show to where it was seamlessly integrated with shots. I worked with the modeling department to create the characters’ hair grooms, and then was responsible for creating all of the hair simulations using cloth, making them look as realistic as possible while under tight deadlines.

At the end of 2010, I moved on to Digital Domain for a short time to join the Tron Legacy team with hair simulations at the end of the project, and then to Blizzard Entertainment.